About OCEA

Statement about the Oregon Code Enforcement Association

The Oregon Code Enforcement Association was established on August 9, 1995 by a small committee of code enforcement officers that recognized a need for specialized training, a forum to share information of common interest and a means to promote the service of code enforcement to government leaders and the public we serve. Since then, OCEA has grown and its members represent many cities and counties across the State of Oregon. Every member brings a unique talent or expertise to share with other code enforcement officers thereby, enhancing the expertise of us all.

OCEA is a non-profit corporation funded by membership dues and conference fees. We are not a labor organization and therefore do not participate in labor issues. We do, however, endorse and promote programs and legislation that further the training, education and professionalism of code enforcement personnel throughout the State of Oregon.

OCEA welcomes it’s members from government agencies that provide codes for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens and guests. OCEA also welcomes Associate Membership from code enforcement professionals outside the State of Oregon and welcome their input in discussions and attendance at our conferences.